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Karna Poorana (Ear treatment)

Ayurveda has a number of therapies for building health and wellness. Each therapy targets specific parts for complete healing and optimal functions of the part and associated functions thereof. In such context, Karna Pooranaassociated is a specific therapy aimed at improving the functions of the ear, and associated parts and functions as well.
Karna refers to ‘ear’ and Poorana means ‘Full.’ It refers to filling the ear canal. The therapy involves gently filling the medicated herbal oil to ears until the ear canal filled with the oil. It involves putting only from 4 to 10 drops of medicated oil as required. The Ayur therapy Karna Poorana means different in a different context. It refers to enhancing the functions of the ear to the fullest.
The ear is the major part dominated by Vata dosha. Since it is more vulnerable to excess vata, which is made of air and ether, ear is predominately affected by Vata dosha. Cold and dry breeze, excessive sounds, bombarding noises, etc affects the ears, which in turn impact the vata balance in the body. By stimulating, protecting and cleaning the vital part of Vata dosha, vata balance can be retained. It is an excellent therapy for vata imbalance and treats the diseases cause due to vata imbalance.
How it is performed:
Karna poorana is something like soaking the ear canals in the medicated oils. Herbal extracts are carefully blended together and the warm oil is poured gently into the ears. In simple terms, the internal ear is given the herbal bath. The oil lubricates the ear canal. It is performed generally combined with head and face massage.
Benefits of Karna Poorana:
Karna Poorna cleans ear canal, dislodges the impurities and improves the functions of the ear. It is effective ear therapy to cure all diseases associated with ears, say ear infections, aches, poor hearing etc. It soothes the nerves, improves the clarity of the mind, creates restfulness and very effective in curing insomnia. Since eyes and ears are connected, it cools and refreshes the eyes too!  Karna Poorna cures a headache and eliminates the burning sensation. Besides, it improves the neck pain, pain the jaw, etc.
Note: The Karnapoorana therapy is now available at Vibrant Ayurveda. Contact us for booking.