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Detox programs at Vibrant Ayurveda

We offer a range of detox programs at our centre, according to your needs and resources.

Short detox

The simplest detox takes less than a week, and involves preparation with ghee and herbs, two treatments of ayurvedic massage with herbalised oil (abhyanga), followed by a full body herbal steam bath (swedana).

A short colon cleanse detox can be also be done in less than week. You can add three treatments of enemas (vasti) to the simple detox plan.

Standard detox

The most popular detox takes approximately 10 days (not including the preparation phase, which you do at home). It consists of taking medicated ghee and herbs at home for about 5 days, then you come into the centre for 5 treatments spread over 5 to 10 days, depending on how you wish to schedule them. Treatments include ayurvedic massage with herbalised oil (abhyanga), full body herbal steam bath (swedana), and medicated enemas (vasti). The program also includes at least one warm oil treatment on the forehead (Shirodhara), for deep relaxation and nervous system detoxification.

Extended detox

The most intensive detox program lasts 15 to 30 days. This full panchakarma includes extensive preparation, and targeted treatments to remove all the deep-seated toxins from your system. It is especially beneficial for those suffering severe or chronic symptoms of poor health and disease. It is essential to design your program in consultation with our ayurvedic physician who can ensure you receive the best possible tailored solution for your health requirements.

Our programs are flexible

If you live out-of-town, or for some other reason you can’t make it into the clinic for the detox consultation, the doctor can meet with you over SKYPE.

We can post the herbs and supplements you need, so you only need to attend the clinic for your treatments.

If you have time constraints, the doctor will discuss ways to help you meet your goals in a more limited time frame.

If you have limited financial resources, you can talk to us about payment plans. Remember, health fund rebates apply to some treatments, depending on the type and level of cover you have.