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Mahesh Adhikari

Highly qualified & Experienced Massage Therapist from Nepal


Mahesh Adhikari is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist trained in Authentic Ayurvedic treatments including Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage, Sirodhara, Kati Vasti, Nasya, Piccu, etc in India and Nepal. He used to work as a principle massage therapist and trainer for many years in Nepal’s one of the most popular natural therapies training institute in Kathmandu, (Tranquillity Spa Training Center) before coming to Australia in 2012. This several year of experience in teaching and practicing different massage techniques helped him refine his ability to diagnose the problem area and perform special therapeutic massages.
Since moving to Australia in 2012, he completed Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapies from Australasian School of Natural Therapies, Brisbane and joined the team at Vibrant Ayurveda. Due to his soft nature and gifted skills, most of his clients feel incredible benefits on pain relief, relaxation and flexibilities. Many people feel like they have got a whole new pain free body and clearer mind after his treatments. He gets some very good rewards such as ‘best massage therapists in the world’ by some of his clients and is the most popular therapist at the center.
His clients are eligible for rebates from their private health insurance.