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Mind-Body Constitution & Imbalances (Prakruti and Vikruti)

Prakruti(Mind-Body Constitution) is the combination of the doshas that a person in born with – this remains constant for the person’s life and is influenced by the doshas of the parents, mental state and physical state at the time of conception and diet and lifestyle throughout the pregnancy. The doshas that are more predominant at birth will determine your physical characteristics, personality and your tendency to develop specific types of illnesses. The aim of Ayurveda is to keep your prakruti in balance with the original ‘set point’.

Vikruti(Imbalance) is the result of our prakruti falling out of balance through our diet, lifestyle, stress levels, the seasons and other environmental factors. This imbalance will present itself with the characteristics of a particular dosha, giving you your vikruiti, which may be different to your original prakruti. For example, you may be kapha prakruti but have developed dryness of the skin which would be vata vikruti.

By knowing what our prakruti is as well as our vikruti, we can treat the immediate cause of the illness or condition as well as aiming to maintain balance with your original dosha combination or, prakruti. By knowing the prakruti and vikruti, we can gain a better understanding of why we are susceptible to the types of illnesses, why we have certain personality traits, emotional tendencies, likes and dislikes and what practical steps we can take to adjust our lifestyle to live more in harmony with our environment.