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Complete STRESS RELIEF package

This total stress relief package consisting of a 90 minutes whole body Ayurvedic therapeutic massage along with Sirodhara (the continuous pouring of medicated oil on fore-head), is very helpful to relax the body and calm the mind.

This is the package for you if you are suffering from muscle aches and pains or lethargy. Also, this treatment will be very beneficial for you if you are having lack of motivation due to emotional imbalances or if you are suffering from stress of any kind. People with depression, anxiety, panic attack, psychosis, mania, parkinsonism and any mental health issues may also benefit from this treatment package.

Our whole body massage with herbal medicated oil will help to remove the physical and mental toxins by improving circulation and increasing healing hormones like endorphin.  Sirodhara will deeply relax you on both a mental and physical level by increasing feel-good hormones like seratonin and melatonin.

Buy 1 Treatment Package – $200 (Was $240, Save $40)
Buy 5 treatments Package for $900 (Was $1000; Save$100)- Valid for 3 months since purchased
Buy 10 Treatments Package for $1600 (Was $2000; Save $400)- Valid for 6 months since purchased

Quick Tune Up Package

This package will provide you with quick but complete relief from muscle aches and pains, lethargy and brain fog. This consists of a series of four regular therapeutic Ayurvedic massages with herbalised oils which will help you feel lighter and fresher.

5 X 60 Minutes Massage Treatment Package –  $415(Save $35)

10 X 60 Minutes Massage Treatment Package –  $800(Save $100)

5 X 90 Minutes Massage Treatment Package –  $600 (Save $50)

10 X 90 Minutes Massage Treatment Package –  $1150 (Save $150)

(Valid for 3 months since purchased)


This Full Therapeutic Package will help those suffering from chronic pain, stiffness and/or muscle tightness, feelings of heaviness and feeling mental fog. The package is designed according to the treatment principle of Ayurveda, that 10- Treatments are required to resolve chronic health conditions. Usually after a 10-treatment package, health problems are resolved and won’t return.  At Vibrant Ayurveda we have many such success stories.

10 X 60 Minutes Massage Treatment Package –  $900(Save $100)

10 X 90 Minutes Massage Treatment Package –  $1150 (Save $150)

(Valid for 3 months since purchased)

Spend $300 or more in our Ayurvedic Pharmacy and receive a 10% discount

  • 3 Day Detox Package-$500 (Save $150)
  • 7 Day Detox $1000 (Save $400)
  • 14 Day Detox $1200-1800
  • 21 Days Detox $2000-$2500
  • 28 Days Detox $2800-$3500