About Toxins

Toxins are poisons in our body. They cause harm to our health and well-being.

Internally, our bodies produce and harbour toxins when we have inadequate digestion. When foods are not properly metabolised or eliminated efficiently, they ferment in the gut and colon. Rather than being expelled through the digestive tract, the toxins can enter the tissues where over time, they reduce our health and wellbeing.

Externally, toxins in our environment can be taken up by our bodies. These days, toxins are everywhere: in food as preservatives, in water as chlorine and fluoride, in the air as small chemical particles, and in most of the personal care products commonly available.

Any kind of substance which is harmful to your body may be considered a toxin, including poisonous substances generated by plants, some wildlife and disease-causing bacteria, non-naturally occurring chemical substances, synthetics, artificial foods, and manufacturing by-products which often contaminate our environment.

Toxins can form through wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices. They can come from smoking cigarettes and consuming harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, and caffeine.

Our body has an inbuilt ability to remove toxins naturally, providing the body channels and processes are healthy and fine. But if there is any obstruction or disturbance in the elimination channels of the body—lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, digestive elimination, urination, sweating—the toxins cannot be removed properly from the tissues.

When the toxins sit in the body for longer than necessary, they may cause inflammation in the tissues, and give rise to a host of physical and mental symptoms, for example painful joints and muscles, digestive disorders, skin problems, lethargy, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, to name a few.

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