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Ayurvedic Head massage Workshop-Brisbane Centre

April 15, 2018

Time: 2-5 PM

Did you know that the whole body is reflected in the feet and head? It is believed that regular head and foot massage will balance and cleanse the internal organs and balance the mind. Ayurvedic head massage, Shiroabhyanga, relieves tension through the neck and shoulders, calms and strengthens the brain and improves consciousness. Ayurvedic head massage has a focus on promoting a harmonious flow of vital energy (or prana) through the marmas of the head.

This 3 hours workshop looks at the full sequence of traditional Ayurvedic head massage along with the Marma points on the head and foot region and how to choose Ayurvedic oils to suit a body constitution or Dosha.

Why not gift this life-changing workshop to yourself or your loved ones?

Offer Cost: $120

Gift certificate available.

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