Experience the ultimate relaxation with Ayurvedic Massage at Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Our massage techniques are designed to help your body unwind and repair itself. Enjoy the benefits of increased energy levels, improved circulation, and stress relief with Ayurvedic Massage.

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Get ready to relax, de-stress, and renew your body and spirit with a session of blissful massage therapy.

Abhyanga is the traditional ayurvedic full body massage using herbal oils selected to suit your mind-body constitution (dosha) and any presenting symptoms or imbalances. The therapist practices abhyanga with an acute awareness of the energy points in the body (marmas and chakras).

The massage moves energy into your body at the same time it loosens toxins from your tissues and stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal.

The treatment may benefit both your nervous and endocrine systems, enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, improves muscle tone, and reduces free radical activity within your body.

To start you on your journey back to good health, our highly qualified and experienced ayurvedic physicians design a customised deep cellular cleansing program to suit your individual requirements.  During the detox we focus on purifying and restoring your digestive and nervous systems – the paramount essentials for good health, while paying special attention and working on specific health issues.

It is even more beneficial to do a cleanse during the change of season.

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Client's Experience..

Absolute transformation in just over 2 weeks. One of the stand out experiences I have had to restore my well being. Would recommend this highly for anyone who would love to be in vibrant health.

Steve J

The combination of cleansing with herbs and the most incredible treatments is just sublime . I feel my body improving , absorbing nutrients .
Saving for my next package … self care … as l am a carer ! Thank you

Libby L

You are in good hands with Dr Pradeep and the team at Vibrant Ayurveda. I have done the Panchakarma detox twice, it did wonders for my overall vitality, thinking, mood, digestion, got rid of bloodshot eyes, eradicated snoring, even balanced out my cycle. It is beyond managing your diet and lifestyle, it totally transformed me inside-out. Additionally, Irina’s cooking workshops are a must-do as she takes Ayurveda cooking to a whole new level, as previously I thought it was all about lentils and rice – how little did I know how creative you can be with combining foods for your body type. I have attended the breakfast, lunch, dinner and summer cooking classes, and I look forward to more as they inspire me to cook, and the recipes are a hit with my family and friends, even those not familiar with Ayurveda!

Christine S

I have been to both clinics - West End and Gold Coast . Coming from Sydney I stayed at apartments nearby and visited the clinic for a massage and another treatment each day for 5 days. Having been to Ayurvedic clinics in India and Bali I can say I was very impressed with the quality of treatments and professionalism of all therapists, and especially the care and attentiveness of Irina , the receptionist. In my last stay 2 weeks ago i found my back pain disappeared completely after my massage with Mahesh, and I was able to run for the first time for ages. I felt relaxed and happy when I left and I found my digestion was better. Its a more beneficial and cheaper holiday than staying at Health Retreat in my opinion.

Sara L

Booked my first Ayurvedic consultation to discover my dosha and imbalances. Very informative and helpful and an easy to follow diet was recommended.
Since my main focus was detoxing my body I also booked a special massage called Udvartana. It involved two therapists massaging the body with oils and herbal powders. A vigorous massage and great for rejuvenating the body, removing dead winter skin and stimulating fat metabolism. Completed the session with a herbal sauna. Feeling amazing now and skin is very soft.

Andrea M

Wonderful treatment from beginning to end. Skilled professional Ayurvedic masseur who was genuinely interested and concerned for my health . Beautiful venue . Lovely staff. Entire experience was wonderful as usual

Emma B.

I originally went to Dr Pradeep after friends had explained to me their wonderful Ayurvedic experience whilst in Bali – I loved the idea of undertaking the program whilst here in Brisbane and not having to go overseas. My first consultation was definitely an eye opener and within this time Dr Pradeep diagnosed and suggested I did an intensive program called Panchakarma to align myself and to feel in good health – he was so friendly and caring and I had total trust in his decision. The program was certainly a commitment , in time as well as physically and mentally , however even the purge day I didn’t find nearly as unpleasant as I had thought and the massages were heavenly ! as were the steams .. all the massage therapists are not only knowledgeable but gentle and beautiful people as are both the lovely ladies on the reception – who each time I would call for a question was patient and full of good advice. After my 2 weeks on this program I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person – a better version of myself ! I feel clearer , lighter , happier than I have done in quite some time .. Dr Pradeeps’ care and knowledge is incredible and I can not recommend his service and his team more highly enough”


Quote code ‘WINTEROFFER’ when book in
Valid till 30 June 2023