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Coco Rose


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Coco Rose is a highly qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and therapist with many years of experience administering various authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Born in Japan, Coco graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan in 2006. She then worked as a Medical Representative in Japan until 2010. Passionate about health and wellbeing, Coco embarked upon her studies as a therapist in Japan from 2010, where she trained in Thai Traditional Massage and Chinese Reflexology.

Coming in contact with Ayurvedic principles of health and wellbeing, Coco experienced the wonderful benefits and effectiveness of this ancient system. Inspired to learn more, Coco took herself off to a well reputed Ayurvedic institution in India. There she spent many months learning Ayurveda at both the basic and advanced therapist certificate levels. Learning from a number of highly reputed teachers, Coco gained in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of many Ayurvedic body therapies and detox treatments while in India. She then came to Australia and studied Certificate IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation at an Australian Ayurvedic institute, where she also worked as a therapist for a period of time. Coco also completed a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, Certificate IV in Aromatherapy, and a Diploma of Remedial Massage therapy in Australia. She has gained much experience as an Ayurvedic healer and therapist while working in different natural therapies clinics in Australia. Coco uses a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit in her treatments and believes that massage offers a wide range of benefits far beyond the obvious benefit of relaxation.

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