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Abhyanga – Ayurveda Oil Massage Course – advance your massage skills

Vibrant Ayurveda

Abhyanga – Ayurveda Oil Massage Course – advance your massage skills

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2 days Practical Workshop

Ayurvedic massage, known as Abhyanga (Ah-be-yang-a), originated in India thousands of years ago. Abhyanga is a rhythmic warm oil massage which helps remove impurities from the deep tissues, increases vitality, strengthens the immune system and promotes longevity. Abhyanga massage uses long fluid movements massaging herbal oils into the body’s tissues as well as essential oils combined with Marma Therapy (energy/pressure points), to activate organs and subtle channels of the body. It is also carried out according to the individual’s body type (dosha). It can be administered by one or two practitioners who work simultaneously and harmoniously on a client.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Basic principle of Ayurveda and concept of Body type (Prakriti)
  • How to give a Abhyanga as one practitioner.
  • Provide Marma (energy point) treatments.
  • Application and use of essential oils.
  • Learn about traditional Ayurvedic oils and how to use them effectively.

Knowledge Acquired:
The skills acquired in this course will facilitate masseurs to expand their skill set and offer Ayurvedic Massage treatments to their clients. Participants will gain basic principles of Ayurveda to provide insight for individualized care for specific client needs. In this workshop you’ll learn from observing demonstrations and practicing on each other. Experience first-hand the wonderful benefits of Abhyanga massage. Instructional handouts will be provided of the ‘Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage’ routine and Marma points.

Course content:

  • Introduction, indication, procedures, contraindication on each treatment with (study material provided)
  • Ayurvedic medicinal oils and their uses
  • Understanding of Ayurveda principles and practices
  • Participants will work in groups of 3 giving and receiving therapies under supervision
  • Building a clientele along with professionalism and best practices for therapists.
  • Candidates:
  • Professionals and students linked to the area of ​​massage, health and welfare
  • Ayurveda therapist/student, spa therapist, health professional, yoga teachers
  • Others who have professional interest in the area.
  • Individuals who have a personal interest in learning Abhyanga are encouraged to attend

Attendance at the workshop, you will be certified by Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre and certificate will be issued on completion of the course.
A professional membership certificate and insurance will be provided by IICT if you have a prerequisite in Yoga (minimum 200 hrs), Ayurvedic Studies (minimum 300 hrs) OR Massage/Bodyworker (minimum 16 hrs)

Payment Policy
A non refundable deposit of $200 will be taken at the time of booking to secure your place. Full payment is required at least 2 weeks prior to date of course.

Refund Policy
We require a minimum numbers of participants. A full refund including deposit will be provided if sufficient numbers do not warrant the course being held. You will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to training starts.

Please provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice if you cannot attend the training program for any reasons. (No refund will be provided for your less than 2 weeks notice for the cancellation).

Addressing Student Issues/Grievances
Our aim is to provide authentic quality Ayurvedic training programs so that you can build up confidence for independent practice. However, if you are not satisfied with the training program , we will provide extra training or practical sessions at our clinic at a fair cost which will be negotiable.
If any issues arise during the training program, they will be solved by consulting our team of doctors and practitioners. We will ensure all trainees are treated equally and with equal attention.

Additional Details

Offers - $700

Cost - early bird price $700(until 7th July); full price $1000

To register for this event please visit the following URL:


Date And Time

2023-07-29 @ 09:00 AM to
2023-07-30 @ 05:00 PM


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