Cooking Classes – Ayurvedic Winter Warmers

When: 24 July 2021, 3-6pm

Where: Vibrant Ayurveda Brisbane, 43 Vulture St, West End

Cost: $70


Limited number of seats available. Booking essential


We are so excited to run our cooking classes again! It has been a while!

We have decided to kick off again with a brand-new cooking class we haven’t offered before:  Ayurvedic Winter Warmers.

For optimal digestion and balance, Ayurveda recommends tailoring your diet according to the season. And when it comes to winter, it is important to keep warm and well-nourished.

Winter is also the time when we crave comfort food the most, which is why we thought it would be good to share some healthy, sustaining, enjoyable recipes to satisfy cravings and curl up with.

These foods will make you feel energised and vibrant instead of lethargic and sluggish like a bowl of mashed potato does.

Of course, there will be soups and curry, but also muffins, pancakes, baked goodies and more: 7 invigorating dishes to try and choose from.

All recipes are super simple and designed for everyday use.

And a little extra to help you stay well during the colder months. We will start with a talk on ayurvedic winter routines and lifestyle for boosting immunity and achieving equilibrium.

Did you know that winter is the best time to improve your digestion and get fit? Come and find out more about it.

During this time together we will keep discovering the beauty and benefits of ayurvedic cooking – the potency of spices and herbs, various combinations of foods to promote better digestion, and tips and tricks on creating satisfying quality fuel for body and mind.


  • Intro lecture on ayurvedic winter lifestyle
  • Cooking demo
  • Tips on how to apply ayurvedic principles to food preparation
  • Tea & snacks
  • Nice recipe booklet with suggestions on how to modify them
  • Q&As
  • Delicious meal
  • Discount on your next cooking class

We hope you can make it!



Not sure if it is worth coming? Here is some feedback:


‘Irina’s ayurvedic cooking classes are fantastic. The meals are simple, yet delicious and healthy.  Her recipe booklets are bright and easy to follow and her passion for health and cooking shines through.  I highly recommend coming along to learn a little more about Ayurveda, your health and how easy it can be!’

Emily M


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” But what food is good medicine for YOUR body? Irina’s cooking demonstrations are more than just a few tasty recipes. She helps you apply Ayurvedic principles one meal at a time. I have attended 6 of her classes and found her instructions easy to reproduce at home. The atmosphere is pleasant and
the meal afterwards is delicious.

Annette M


‘Dear Irina, I was blown away by your knowledge and organisation and the food was genuinely delicious!  Thank you very much for offering your workshops, and I hope you will seriously consider publishing a book of your best recipes.’

Robyn B


‘I have gone to 6 Ayurvedic Cooking Classes run at the West End Clinic, conducted

by Irina.

The classes were informative, well planned, and covered so much and were fun.

At each workshop, we were given a takeaway recipe booklet, with step by step instructions

on how to cook a of the variety of wholesome and yummy recipes.

The recipes were demonstrated by Irina from scratch which made it so much easier to try

them at home. We were all given a taste of everything.

Irena was only too happy to answer any questions the group had about the preparation of

the meals, and principles of Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle.

Since doing the cooking classes and learning about Ayurvedic lifestyle, my health, vitality

and interest cooking has improved dramatically. I now have the confidence to make

delicious, vegetarian meals daily for myself and family, plus have a much better

understanding of how important our food choices, and the way we prepare our food,

impact our health and general well-being.’

Tracy B


‘Ayurvedic cooking classes run by Irina are just wonderful!  Thank you so much for presenting these beautiful dishes which are all just delicious!!! I appreciate your efforts Irina and am so thankful that you share and educate us on this wonderful way of cooking and being.’

Maureen F



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