Flavia Bella

Experienced ayurvedic & remedial massage therapist
Diploma in Ayurveda Therapy (in process)
Diploma in Remedial Massage

Flavia is a highly experienced therapist with a friendly manner and soft nature. Originally from Brazil, she has travelled different parts of world for her training and experience in healing. Her learning started in Brazil in 2009 with a graduate degree in design. Her studies continued in Australia where she completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage. She has been dedicating herself to body therapy and massage work for the past six years, learning different techniques and gaining experience working with many patients. Currently she is competing her Diploma in Ayurvedic therapy in Australia.

Flavia has also trained as an ayurvedic therapist in India, working at the Dhanwantari Clinic in India (2013). While in India, she took courses with Dr. Parthasaraty (Arya Vaidya Pharmacy) (2012) and Dr. Sonali Shinde at her ayurvedic clinic (2015). Flavia has completed Certified Yoga Ayurvedic Massage with Laura Rupa and Kusum Modak (Training-2013, Advanced-2015) and she began the study of Vedanta (a Hindu philosophy based on the doctrine of the Upanishads, especially in its monastic form) at Swami Dayananda’s Camp in Rishikesh (2015). Flavia currently studies Vedanta with Professor Gloria Arieira; and Vedic and Sanskrit songs with Professor Sônia Novaes.

Back in São Paulo, Flavia became an instructor of Hatta Yoga, (Núcleo Soma-2015/2016), specialising in children’s yoga through the Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisas em Yoga (2017)

Flavia is available by appointment in the Brisbane clinic on Thursdays and Saturdays and in the Gold Coast clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays.