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Know about your Ayurveda body types

Ayurvedic Diet, Healthy Eating Plan & Lifestyle

Ayurveda is one of the easiest ways to attain good health. Ayurveda is on a clear road established or suitable for your body type or dosha. Vibrant Ayurveda promotes the principle of knowing the doshas to cure itself. The three forms of Ayurveda body types, or doshas, are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It is essential to know your dosha to preserve nutritional health and state of mind to follow proper food, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

What is the Ayurveda body types?

In herbal medicine, the person’s personal constitution is the starting point for all therapies. This constitution (Sanskrit: prakruti) manifests itself as a human embodiment of the three doshas: Vata, pitta, and Kapha.

Importance of understanding the form of the body:

  • Ayurvedic consultation for Dosha Research allows you to know your body and its specifications.
  • Knowing your dosha will help you preserve optimum fitness.
  • It will allow you to sustain a well-balanced personal, family, and professional life.
  • Dosha’s research will help you prepare a healthy diet.

You should schedule your lifestyle accordingly after you have identified the Ayurveda body types.

For Vata Body types, Air and space components regulate.

Body composition: 

It’s usually impossible to add weight for individuals in this class. They prefer to be cold and have dry hair and skin as they have a high metabolism, they are lean and have prominent bony structures. They have a small muscle tone as well.


They generally get sporadic and inconsistent sleeping, feeding, and personal activities. Their sexual desire ranges from one extreme to another.


They usually chat really easily, talk a lot, and like talking a lot.

Mental condition: 

They are very fast, physically, and emotionally. The details or emotions you capture or show is easy. You seem to learn quickly, but your retention is low, so you forget about it quickly.

For Pita Ayurveda body type, fire is the factor.


Citizens in this class are moderately built. Body systems. They are muscular and still feel warm. They have grey hair or balding survivor. They have reddish skin, a high level of energy, and a healthy digestive system.

Style of life: 

The craving is really high for food and sex. They have a moderate sleep and are not easily disturbed. The atmosphere, sunshine, and heat are not preferable.


Typically, they talk with zeal and loudness.

Mental status: 

Pita’s body types are brilliant, concentrated, and ambitious individuals. They emotionally enjoy life, seem to become perfectionists, and can quickly get frustrated.

For Kapha body types, it is regulated by the elements of water and earth.

Body shape: 

The majority of all body forms are typically individuals of this class. Plainly have a broad hip and shoulders. They have excellent durability in general.


They like to eat and smell luxurious food. They are really sluggish in physical exercise—natural medicine is sluggish and hard to inspire.


Their presence and speech are friendly.

Mental state: 

Your Ayurveda body types state that you have an idle mind, but you have a fantastic memory.

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