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Know Your Ayurvedic Body Types, Dosha Types by Ayurvedic Doshas Test At Our Ayurvedic Healing, Natural Healing Centre, Wellness Centre Brisbane

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Our body can tell us so much, we just need to be able to read and understand this information!  Your consultation with our Ayurvedic doctors will include your ‘body reading’ such as pulse diagnosis (this ascertains your dosha, that is your mind-body type) which helps identify imbalances and determine causes of health concerns. Additionally, an analysis of your eyes, tongue, and nails will indicate inflammation and nutrient absorption levels and identify how efficiently your body organs are functioning.  This information provides a template of what needs to be balanced and informs you of evidence to support your particular ailment.   

Consultations include personalised advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbal remedies, and natural therapy treatments for achieving and maintaining optimal health for life.  

WE OFFER ONLINE CONSULTATIONS if it is more convenient, and the above specials are valid for these. 


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