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Testimonials – Brisbane Centre

Dr Pradeep’s diagnosis and advice is excellent. The massage therapists are highly skilled and administrative staff are very helpful.

Vanitha S.

In Early January 2010, I was diagnosed with arrythmia and artrial fibrillation. Finding that the treatment given by the medical doctor and the naturopath did not stop ‘turns’ I was having, I consulted Dr Pradeep Neupane and have taken the medication offered by him all through 2010. I had an ECG scan in November 2010 and there was no sign of arrythmia or artrial fibrillation. As a Result, I have great confidence in Dr Neupane’s treatment and will continue to take what he prescribes.

Judith Robinson

I had terrible digestion issues, was eating wrong foods, such as cravings for chips & sweet food. I was not satisfied as I did have a healthy diet mostly. I don’t drink alcohol and I was exercising but not feeling good or losing weight. I lost around 14k pretty easily after doing the detox and massages with steam. I took the recommendation of diet changes and medicine that Dr Pradeep suggested to help with digestion. My GP wanted to place me on more cholesterol medication since I had high cholesterol readings. Also I had some sort of liver issue. The cholesterol dropped from 7 to 5 within the first detox period. I was very pleased with that. My GP suggested I lose 7kg a year ago. I have lost a dress size with the detox program. I feel much healthier my liver has returned to normal. I can eat the vegetarian diet I like as I have learned the best type of foods and how to cook them properly balanced with lentils and grains. In the past I have had to have iron infusions because my digestive system was not good. This has returned to normal. Thank you to everyone at Vibrant Ayurveda for all your care. Your a very professional team.

Pauline W.

Massage was excellent. Rooms and towels very clean. Only slight problem was the steam bath doors did not fully close and it took time to heat the cubicle and with only 20 minutes the steam bath ended just as I was beginning to sweat.

Alannah R.

I have been intrigued with Ayurveda for a long time but had not explored it as a treatment until I moved to SEQ where I found Vibrant Ayurveda was within reach. When I arrived at Vibrant Ayurveda I was on a quest to find a way to heal myself from Juvenile Arthritis which had been part of my life for 60 years. It manifests as uncontrolled swelling of the knees making general mobility difficult. For a number of years, symptoms were controlled by medication and I was reducing this medication with the view to becoming drug free when the arthritis hit with a vengeance. Ayurveda provided me with incredible support to achieve my goal of being drug free. After consulting with Dr Pradeep I chose the 21 day detox package which consisted of a variety of synergistic treatments that were tailored to my special needs, including a diet plan, targeted herbal remedies, steam detox baths and a variety of lengthy massages to get my digestive, lymph and muscular systems moving and of course both water & oil vasti’s. By the last day of my initial treatment there was a significant reduction of fluid present in my knees . When I first arrived at Vibrant Ayurveda I was using crutches to help me walk, soon I was carrying the crutches & finally left them at home after 2 weeks of treatment. The daily treatments really helped. I thank Pradeep and all his wonderful staff for their caring, understanding and professional guidance and treatments through this whole process. I am now 4 months drug free and expect to continue this way. I walk outside every day for at least 1 hour and now feel great. Ayurveda is a lifestyle and takes some commitment – it’s worth it as I am now taking control of my health!

Sandra M

You are in good hands with Dr Pradeep and the team at Vibrant Ayurveda. I have done the Panchakarma detox twice, it did wonders for my overall vitality, thinking, mood, digestion, got rid of bloodshot eyes, eradicated snoring, even balanced out my cycle. It is beyond managing your diet and lifestyle, it totally transformed me inside-out. Additionally, Irina’s cooking workshops are a must-do as she takes Ayurveda cooking to a whole new level, as previously I thought it was all about lentils and rice – how little did I know how creative you can be with combining foods for your body type. I have attended the breakfast, lunch, dinner and summer cooking classes, and I look forward to more as they inspire me to cook, and the recipes are a hit with my family and friends, even those not familiar with Ayurveda!

Christine S

I went to Dr. Pradeep after a friend’s recommendation. I had been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease (microscopic colitis) at 18 and battled it for more than 30 years. But after a few months of an ayurvedic diet and some ayurvedic medicines, the colitis is completely healed. I told Dr. Pradeep it’s like a miracle. And I couldn’t be more grateful for my newfound health. Thank you Dr. Pradeep and Vibrant Ayurveda!

Lori S

Wonderful treatment from beginning to end. Skilled professional Ayurvedic masseur who was genuinely interested and concerned for my health . Beautiful venue . Lovely staff. Entire experience was wonderful as usual

Emma B.

Dear Dr. Pradeep, “Thankyou for your trusted Ayurvedic advice and treatment recommendations. I undertook your 2 week detox and cleanse because I had been feeling very rundown, anxious, had been experiencing digestion problems, aching joints, fluid retention and weight gain. I now feel so much better after the cleanses, massages,steam treatments and your dietary advice. I have not experienced the anxiety since, my digestion is improved, my excess fluid continues to decrease, my aching joints have almost disappeared and most importantly I am again feeling motivated, energetic and joyful about life. I would thoroughly recommend Pradeep and his very caring and professional team. I will definitely be continuing ongoing treatments with Abundant Ayuyrveda.”

Kaye, Brisbane

I recently completed a 15 day detox, coming into it with zero previous experience with Ayurvedic medicine or eating. There were some adjustments to be made to my diet and lifestyle, but encouragingly in a short time many of my ailments simply disappeared. My arthritic fingers were pain-free in 2 weeks, my hot flushes and constantly feeling hot disappeared, I lost 5 kg, my constipation has improved but is still a work in progress. I feel happy and less stressed, and the doctor is continuing to work on my sleeping problems. Normally I would never choose to have a male masseur, but both men Mahesh & Biju at the clinic were very professional, polite, and gave me the best massages I have ever had. I want to continue with my treatments, and recommend this to anyone who seriously wants to tackle health problems without going onto prescription drugs for the rest of their life. Updates after 3 weeks of Detox – My sleep is now perfect. I never have any nights of disturbed sleep. My constipation has gone and I visit the toilet regularly once or twice a day. I am very happy with all aspects of my treatment.


Dr Neupane was flexible with his time for my appointment as I was travelling to see him. He always listens and then provides great advice to help me understand how I can use Ayurveda to heal.

Natalie F.

I like the service by all the staff I like the care and attention I enjoy the services provided, the treatments are great and most importantly the holistic help and expert advice given by Dr Pradeep

Rashida H.

I originally went to Dr Pradeep after friends had explained to me their wonderful Ayurvedic experience whilst in Bali – I loved the idea of undertaking the program whilst here in Brisbane and not having to go overseas. My first consultation was definitely an eye opener and within this time Dr Pradeep diagnosed and suggested I did an intensive program called Panchakarma to align myself and to feel in good health – he was so friendly and caring and I had total trust in his decision. The program was certainly a commitment , in time as well as physically and mentally , however even the purge day I didn’t find nearly as unpleasant as I had thought and the massages were heavenly ! as were the steams .. all the massage therapists are not only knowledgeable but gentle and beautiful people as are both the lovely ladies on the reception – who each time I would call for a question was patient and full of good advice. After my 2 weeks on this program I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person – a better version of myself ! I feel clearer , lighter , happier than I have done in quite some time .. Dr Pradeeps’ care and knowledge is incredible and I can not recommend his service and his team more highly enough”


I have a long history of gut and digestive issues. I have tried a number of different treatments and diets over these years with limited success. I was often tired, my nails were always breaking off, my skin wasn’t in the best condition – yet I was eating what I considered to be healthy foods and exercising every day. Turns out the “healthy foods” that I was consuming were actually counterproductive – cold smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch were actually putting out my digestive fires. I came to see Dr Pradeep at a time when I was so tired of being tired, unable to shift weight, emotionally worn out and really at the end of my tether. Every day I had discomfort after eating, constantly felt “backed up”, had very irregular bowel movements and would often be experiencing stomach pain. After a couple of months Dr Pradeep observed that I still wasn’t at the optimal health we had expected me to be at and suggested that I may have parasites. I attended the GP for tests, that confirmed that I did in fact have parasites which I was then able to treat. It’s now been about 4 months of having regular treatments and taking herbs and my digestive health is phenomenally better. I rarely experience any discomfort, have regular bowel movements every day and am seeing an increase in my energy levels. I have been able to alter my diet to support maximum health, but my digestive issues have healed to the point that I can eat foods that would have previously irritated me with no issues. I recently went on holidays for three weeks and ate a variety of foods that I would not have been able to tolerate before (foods such as hot chips, pasta, bread). While I wouldn’t eat large quantities of these types of foods usually it was so nice to go away and enjoy my holidays without being unwell. I never remember a time when I didn’t experience these issues, now I don’t even give my digestion a second thought as I just don’t experience any issues with it. I can only imagine what the next 6 months will bring in terms of overall health and wellbeing.

Lauren P

In early January 2016 my wife and I underwent a three-week intensive treatment program (Panchakarma/Detox) under Dr. Pradeep Neupane. I have had a great deal of experience with alternative medicine and therapies over the past 30 years but this treatment had the most impact on my health, more than anything before. Following the program I lost about 14 lbs (6.35 Kgs) and are continuing to return to a more healthy weight due to my internal organs returning to a more healthy state. I feel that my mind is clear and energy levels are much higher than before the treatment. For a number of years I’ve suffered from serious digestive problems and also peripheral neuropathy (a numbness, sometimes burning or cold feeling in the feet). As a result of the treatment and the post detox herbs along with carefully following the prescribed diet, these conditions have improved a great deal and we’re feeling hopeful of a full recovery. My wife similarly had a very positive experience and we would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pradeep to friends and family who may be struggling with their health.Warmest regards and Haribol

Acharya D

Thankyou Dr. Pradeep Neupane for your fantastic Ayurvedic advice and treatments which have immensely helped my recovery from Ulcerative Colitis. After the initial consultation I was prescribed some herbal medicines and dietary advice which I took and followed, and found positive improvement of my condition in just days of taking them. After 2 weeks, my health continually improved with my symptoms all but disappearing. I found my energy levels returning, leaving me feeling better than I’ve felt in months. My health has continually improved since then and I have been following his advice to expand my diet and increase my exercise. I now feel great and look forward to a future of continual good health and an excellent quality of life. I found Dr. Pradeep very friendly and personable. I can highly recommend Dr. Pradeep Neupane and Vibrant Ayurveda to anyone and everyone. Kind Regards,

Sol F

Dear Dr Pradeep, Thank you for your knowledgeable diagnosis and supplement program. Many months of conventional medicine have not supported the depth of healing that your treatments have provided, physically, mentally and metaphysically. I am beginning to experience a new vitality, clarity and balance in my life. Yours truly,

Vaughn, Red Hill

Dear Dr Neupane, I am finding your advice very effective and helpful. I am rotating the beans to avoid addiction and allergy, Continuing with the stewed fruit and soaked dry fruit and almond porridge regularly rotating oats, amaranth, etc. The supplements are also so good. Overall, very happy to have found this Centre and as an Indian, very happy that so many people here are taking so much interest in Ayurveda. I have gone a full circle with biomedical treatments for my autistic son and come back to Ayurveda. The workshops are very informative. Food is great. Thank you. See you all next month.


Oats porridge with fruit and dry fruit cooked in it, with soaked nuts for breakfast, Fragrant purple cabbage pulao for dinner. Enjoying delicious, nutritious foods now. Thank you Rancho and Dr. Pradeep N for the informative and inspirational classes first Sundays of the months. I am very happy to have found an Authentic Ayurvedic Centre so close and don’t have to travel to other cities or to India for treatment. Improvements in IBS though not doing the diet prescribed totally as yet, even though very easy to follow, due to family issues. Lost 7 kgs of unhealthy weight within a short time. Learnt a lot in just two sessions, some vital points on nutritional cooking, food combining and different body types, which will keep my whole family healthy, and looking forward to the following sessions. Thank you Vibrant Ayurveda team and the lovely group. See you all next month.


Dear Dr Pradeep and Ranchor! Thank you both so much for the amazing workshop on the 1st of June. Ayurveda is fascinating, but I find studying it from books confusing and difficult at times. However, you managed to explain it in a very clear and understandable way! The great thing about the workshop was that you gave us many simple and useful tips that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. The cooking demonstration was pure magic – I never realised that cooking Ayurvedic meals is actually so easy and fun! They are so rich in textures, colours and flavours – and healthy, too! I am looking forward to learn more about the use of spices, to create foods that are good for my body and mind, in all seasons. Namaste,


Hi Dr Pradeep, Just wanted to thank you very much for marvellous Ayurveda and Cooking workshop on the 1st June! To begin with, the talk by yourself was so informative, then the cooking demonstration by Ranchor was fantastic! To top it off we enjoyed a beautiful lunch together. I also really enjoyed meeting such a lovely group of people with a common interest of good health! regards


Dear Dr Pradeep The 7-day detox treatment has been really good for me. I feel energized and I am free of all my aches and pains. I have also lost 2kg in a week making me feel lighter . Overall the detox has been a great success! Thank you.


Dear Pradeep, Thank you for your care and skill in the treatment of my daughter. When we came to see you she was unwell, with very little energy, small appetite and pale in colour. She had had 3 courses of antibiotics over a 6 week period due to suffering from multiple perforated ear drum infections. I closely followed your diet recommendations which I often found challenging, and initially my daughter required frequent encouragement to comply. After one week the change in my daughters health was very apparent. Her energy was returning, she was happier, slept significantly more soundly at night and her appetite returned. She was much happier eating the foods recommended and was noticing how much better she felt. Her condition has continued to improve. While diet changes including excluding wheat, dairy, all sugar and numerous fruits and vegetables was a challenge, I can see the effort was completely worthwhile. I am glad to have been introduced to some new dishes and while the diet has been relaxed now I expect we will continue to enjoy many of the new foods more regularly. Through following your recommendations closely my daughters health has returned. I would recommend your services to other motivated people looking for improved whole body health. With thanks,

Karen L

Dear Dr Pradeep, Thank you for providing such an excellent and effective ayruvedic treatment. I had severe skin rashes all over my body will lot of swelling and inflamation. Just two days of herbal treatment reduced the symptoms by 95%. I would confidently recommend Dr Pradeep to all my friends. Regards

Rajesh , Brisbane CBD

After having been tired for over 3 years, you can imagine my delight and relief when at my first consultation you were able to identify the imbalance causing this condition. I feel the reason you succeed is not only because you treat the whole body/lifestyle, but even more importantly, you acknowledge and respect each body is different and therefore reacts differently to treatment.

Rosa, Western Sydney, N.S.W.

I first went to Pradeep when I discovered that I had a very large fibroid and was advised by the specialist that the only medical treatment was a hysterectomy. Knowing a little about ayurveda and that it is possible to heal the body naturally, I looked around for a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and was delighted to find that Pradeep is a qualified and very experienced Ayurvedic Doctor. At my initial consultation, Pradeep put together a full treatment plan covering diet, lifestyle and yoga/pranayama practice – as well as herbal medicines. Following the plan daily as well as regular follow up consultations, massage and sirodhana treatments, I noticed that the symptoms started to subside and I generally started feeling like my body was moving back into a more balanced state. After 6 months a new scan showed that the fibroid had reduced significantly and my specialist sent me away with the all clear! Not only that, but an ovarian cyst that had caused drama on and off for years had completely gone. It’s been a year now since my first consultation, and I remain in great health and have continued to apply what I have learned in my daily life. Thank you Dr Pradeep for bringing your expertise in the amazing science of Ayurveda to Australia!

Jade M

I first presented to Dr Dr.Pradeep Neupane with server back pain from a fractured back that I had sustained 12mth earlier along with low energy levels and slowing memory. Dr Dr.Pradeep did a thorough Ayurveda consultation which included looking at my eyes, skin, nails, hair, tongue along with a complete lifestyle analysis. After the consultation was completed he spent time going through what he recommended for my body type along with a comprehensive treatment plan which would included herbal supplements, dietary daily guidelines, deep ayurveda massage, Shirodhara hot oil treatment, yoga asana, meditation and breathing exercises. I followed his advise and did all the above, within weeks I was noticing a big difference in reduced pain, better energy levels and generally feeling a lot more balanced. I enjoyed learning about the right foods for my body type and cooking beautiful flavoursome meals that in turn helped my body dosha to sustain balanced well being. I am very pleased to say the Dr Pradeep Neupane was just what my body and I needed he gave me the tools along with the treatments necessary to get me back on the road of living a full and active life again. I would highly recommend Dr Pradeep Neupane and I thank him for giving me the tools, education and treatments for me to get my body mind and soul back on track and start being the person that I used to be and even more, Active, pain free, level energy.

Claire H

I am very glad to recommand Dr.Pradeep Neupane for any one who wishes to seek better health. Just in last two months, my chronic bowel problem has gone completly with his treatments and herbs. Thanks a lot Dr.Pradeep

Chris R, Brisbane

For years I suffered from tight, painful shoulders and neck. I tried many different things to try to ease the tension including various types of massage, physiotherapy, a shoulder brace, a new computer chair and desk. You name it, I tried it. But after spending hundreds of dollars, my condition was only continuing to worsen, to the stage where I was taking anti-imflammatories to get some relief from the chronic pain. Then I found Pradeep. At first I was a little concerned about the cost as he insisted that I come for a two hour massage each week and said that it would take seven treatments. But when I considered that I’d already spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and had absolutely no success, I thought I’d try it as a last resort. After the first treatment, there was great relief and things kept improving from there. After the fifth treatment, the pain and tightness was completely gone. I still go once a month for maintenance, but after many months, my shoulders and neck are completely free of any tightness and pain. I can’t recommend Pradeep enough.

Haribol Gayatri

I have been a patient of Dr Pradeep Neupane for the best part of 20 months now in which time he has treated me for a number of ailments. The first problem I presented him with was persistent hi blood pressure, a problem my GP was having limited success in controlling, this had been an ongoing issue for 2 years prior to my Ayurvedic treatment. I was diagnosed by Pradeep and with an prescription of herbal remedies and a massage course with dietary advice, I started seeing results within 1-2 weeks. My blood pressure gradually dropped to the point where after 2 months it was completely under control. My GP was so astounded that Ayurvedic treatment was that effective that he asked for Dr Pradeeps contact details, the other major ailment I was treated for was about of depression, this was also treated with a course of herbs and breathing exercises, this treatment alleviated my symptoms greatly. I would add that I had tried many other alterative therapies prior to these treatments. I would obviously highly recommend Pradeep as a natural therapies practioner for his professional manner and his outstanding results. Yours Truly

Bruce Hunter, New Farm

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr.Pradeep Neupane to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. I first meet Pradeep after a friend recommended him to me. At the time I was experiencing chronic insomnia which was really taking a toll on my health, I was lacking energy, poor memory etc. The initial consultation was very thorough and included a complete lifestyle analysis. The comprehensive treatment plan included Shirodhara, massage, herbal supplements, dietary guidelines, yoga asana, meditation and breathing exercises. To my surprise I began to feel significant improvement after only three treatments. Having completed the recommended course of treatments and following his recommendations I can honestly say the insomnia is a thing of the past. I now get a deep, restful sleep, awake feeling refreshed and my energy levels are back to normal. I am truly grateful to Dr Neupane, his high level of professionalism and depth of knowledge combined with his genuine concern for his patients make him a standout in the field of natural health practitioners.

Ray, Gold Coast

I have suffered from various skin conditions for years and after unsuccessfully trying both western medicines and other natural therapies, I finally found out about Dr Pradeep Neupane through his website. My main concern at the time was my psoriasis, for which I had been told that the only option I had was to go on a course of strong steroidal medication. Dr Neupane prescribed me a course of herbal remedies, dietary changes and breathing exercises. After only three weeks, I started noticing a definite improvement in my skin, and now after only two months my psoriasis is 90 percent gone. It is amazing, and still hard to believe that after living with this for so long, that I could experience such freedom in so short a time. It has made such a difference to my life, and I would have no hesitation in reccomending him to anyone seeking help for a similar condition


Just completed a 5-6 week detox at the Vibrant Gold Coast clinic, and this included a 2 week “Ayurvedic Panchakarma“ cleanse program conducted under the guidance of Dr.Pradeep and with treatments by his wonderful GC therapists. Just outstanding results achieved with some 3+ kilos of weight loss, elimination of excess fat around gut / lower abdomen & waist, and my overall well being improved markedly. I feel internally so much cleaner, generally healthier & fitter, and I am achieving a good 8 hours + undisturbed sleep a night. However the most important outcome for me personally was an astounding 36% decrease in my most recent PSA reading!! Following prostate surgery 9 years ago, followed by 2 bouts of radiation, one bout of hormone treatment & various natural therapies including multiple I.V.’s both here and overseas, my PSA reading is now for the first time close to where it needs to be, with a current reading of 0.27. My personal target of 0.00, is where I plan to be come March 2022. My Urologist is astounded at such a result achieved without any further “traditional medical treatment“. My new ayurvedic diet and related supplement intake is now becoming part of my everyday life and I find it both enjoyable and satisfying. Thank you Pradeep to you and your team and I highly recommend the “Panchakarma Cleanse“ to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellbeing!


Thorough examination. Understanding of my needs – the fact that I have to travel. The herbs and consult price is affordable. I feel very aligned to Ayurvedic philosophy. Didn’t feel pressured into anything. My imbalance was explained well. Feel like I have a solid plan for healing.

Anika W

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