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Vibrant Ayurveda, Brisbane

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Our complete detox program


Vibrant Ayurveda Brisbane, Australia

Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Center is located in the heart of Brisbane at Vibrant West End. It is one of the largest Ayurveda centers in Australia run by a team of experienced Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners. The main aim is to provide a quality complete Ayurvedic health care service at a fair cost. The doctors, originally from Kerala (South India), are committed to providing authentic treatments so that you can experience the real Ayurveda as in India. The therapists are highly trained and experienced in different modalities including Ayurvedic therapeutic massage and Panchakarma-Special Ayurvedic Detoxification process

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  • Acharya das

    In early January 2016 my wife and I underwent a three-week intensive treatment program (Panchakarma/Detox) under Dr. Pradeep Neupane. I have had a great deal of experience with alternative medicine and therapies over the past 30 years but this treatment had the most impact on my health, more than anything before. Following the program I lost about 14 lbs (6.35 Kgs) and are continuing to return to a more healthy weight due to my internal organs returning to a more healthy state.  I feel that my mind is clear and energy levels are much higher than before the treatment. For a number of years I've suffered from serious digestive problems and also peripheral neuropathy (a numbness, sometimes burning or cold feeling in the feet). As a result of the treatment and the post detox herbs along with carefully following the prescribed diet, these conditions have improved a great deal and we're feeling hopeful of a full recovery. My wife similarly had a very positive experience and we would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pradeep to friends and family who may be struggling with their health. Warmest regards and Haribol Acharya das
  • Testimonial 5

    Dear Dr. Pradeep,
    "Thankyou for your trusted Ayurvedic advice and treatment recommendations. I undertook your 2 week detox and cleanse because I had been feeling very rundown, anxious, had been experiencing digestion problems, aching joints, fluid retention and weight gain. I now feel so much better after the cleanses, massages,steam treatments and your dietary advice. I have not experienced the anxiety since, my digestion is improved, my excess fluid continues to decrease, my aching joints have almost disappeared and most importantly I am again feeling motivated, energetic and joyful about life. I would thoroughly recommend Pradeep and his very caring and professional team. I will definitely be continuing ongoing treatments with Abundant Ayuyrveda." Kaye, Brisbane
  • Testimonials

    Dear Dr. Neupane,

    My husband took one tablet of a herbal mixture you gave me for his Diabetes, and the next morning his sugar level came lower than with all his medications.He had been having this issue for a week - sugar level would be quite high on waking up in the morning.He was not eating anything in the morning due to this and instead taking walks to reduce the level.It is just astounding. He took only one tablet instead of two.Today afternoon he ate quite a few sweets, just to test if the tablet was really helping.Again only one tablet in the morning ( like to start low and slow).Sugar level was 6.--.Amazing!We are really happy with this Diabetes is such a destructive disorder. Now we can reduce his stronger medicines. That much less burden on his liver, kidneys.Very grateful for your advice.

    Regards Shubhada

  • testimonial 4

    Hi Dr Pradeep,
    Thank you for your knowledgeable diagnosis and supplement program. Many months of conventional medicine have not supported the depth of healing that your treatments have provided, physically, mentally and metaphysically. I am beginning to experience a new vitality, clarity and balance in my life.
    Yours truly,
    Vaughn, Red Hill
  • testimonial 3

    Hi Dr Pradeep,
    Just wanted to thank you very much for marvellous Ayurveda and Cooking workshop last month! To begin with, the talk by yourself was so informative, then the cooking demonstration by Ranchor was fantastic! To top it off we enjoyed a beautiful lunch together. I also really enjoyed meeting such a lovely group of people with a common interest of good health!
  • testimonial 1

    Dear Dr Pradeep
    The 7-day detox treatment has been really good for me. I feel energized and I am free of all my aches and pains. I have also lost 2kg in a week making me feel lighter . Overall the detox has been a great success!
    Thank you.
  • testimonial 2

    Dear Dr Pradeep,
    Thank you for providing such an excellent and effective ayruvedic treatment. I had severe skin rashes all over my body will lot of swelling and inflamation. Just two days of herbal treatment reduced the symptoms by 95%. I would confidently recommend Dr Pradeep to all my friends.
    Regards Rajesh , Brisbane CBD

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