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Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation

If you are suffering symptoms of poor health, or you know you have a condition that impedes your optimal wellbeing, an ayurvedic consultation can diagnose where you are out-of-balance, and offer advice and treatments designed to bring you back to optimal health.

Even if you are not sick, and are already enjoying good health, an ayurvedic consultation can be enormously beneficial by supporting you to make sure that your good health lasts a lifetime!

When you consult one of our experienced ayurvedic doctors, they will:

  • ask you about your present and past health, any specific illnesses and treatments you have had, your current and past diet and lifestyle, and information about your social and family background
  • take your pulse, examine your face, tongue, eyes, lips and fingernails
  • determine your mind-body constitution (dosha).

If you have a particular health concern, it is important to get to the root of the problem and determine the underlying causes.

Based on the doctor’s findings, you will be given a personalised, holistic regimen to follow which may involve ayurvedic herbal remedies, ayurvedic treatments, dietary changes, yoga/exercise recommendations, daily routines, breathing techniques and other self-care practices.

If necessary, the doctor may also recommend a customised detoxification program (panchakarma) to kick-start your journey to optimal health.

Book today for an ayurvedic lifestyle consultation and see how you can achieve harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Types of consultation

Initial full consultation—60 minutes $90
Initial extended consultation*—90 minutes
* necessary if your health condition is complex
Initial short consultation*—30 minutes
* if you have simple requirements
Skype and Phone consultation is available.

Selected health funds rebate apply.

Contact us for details.