About Detox (Panchakarma)

Panchakarma is an ayurvedic cellular cleansing process which completely removes toxins from the tissues and eliminates them through the alimentary canal. It is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, restoring balance and well-being, and supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Panchakarma has been used for thousands of years by ayurvedic practitioners in India. Here at Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre, our Vaidya Pradeep has completed specialised panchakarma training in leading ayurvedic wellness centres in Nepal and India. They are proud to offer their knowledge and expertise to the Australian community so you can take advantage of this ancient method for curing illness and promoting health and wellbeing.

Planning your detox

Your detoxification program begins with a consultation with one of our experienced ayurvedic doctors who diagnoses your mind-body constitution, discusses your health concerns, and tailors a program to meet your individual needs.

During the planning consultation, you and the doctor determine the length of your detox program, and the number and type of treatments you will have. At the meeting, you are given a detailed booklet that guides you through every step of the process, and provides advice about diet, lifestyle and supplements throughout the program.

Stages of an ayurvedic detox

A detox program consists of three main stages: preparing the body, releasing and eliminating the impurities, and rejuvenating the tissues

1. Prepare the body

To prepare the tissues for mobilising and releasing the toxins, you begin by taking medicated ghee (internal oleation) at home. You also start eating a detox diet, and taking prescribed herbs. The ghee, the detox diet, and the herbs work together to draw out toxins from the tissues and build the digestive fire (agni). Without optimal digestion, our food and medicines cannot fully release their nutrients and curative potency.

2. Release and eliminate the impurities 

After three to seven days of preparation, you come to the clinic for a series of treatments that support the body to eliminate the toxins that have been drawn out of your tissues. The primary treatments are ayurvedic deep tissue therapeutic massage (abhyanga), sweating in an ayurvedic herbalised steam box (swedana) and herbal enemas (vasti). Your program can also include herbal purgation to flush the small intestine (virechana), nervous system treatment (shirodhara), nose and sinus treatments (nasya), herbal paste massage (udvartana), and ghee massage. The number and type of treatments you undertake depend on the program your doctor designs in consultation with you before your detox begins.

3. Rejuvenate the tissues                                                                                                                                                                                 
When you complete the detox treatments, your tissues and digestive tract will most likely feel clean and ‘as new’. Sometimes you may also feel a little weak. Rebuilding your strength and resilience after this cleanse (rasayana) is an important phase of your detoxification program.

In the days following your final treatment, you will consult with your doctor to review your experience and plan your transition to a regular healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. The doctor may also suggest some herbs and treatments that will assist the rejuvenation process.