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Udvartana (Herbal Paste Detox Massage)

Udvartana (Herbal Paste Detox Massage) Here we bring the very special Ayurvedic detox treatment for you at our centre “Udvartana”! This is a special Ayurvedic body therapy that is performed on our newly arrived single neem tree wooden table. A unique herbal combination is applied in the form of past in a synchronised way by […]

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Herbal Ball Massage

Herbal Ball Massage In this special Ayurvedic massage technique, the blend of herbs are used in the hot compresses massage herbal balls which has a relaxing and invigorating effect on the body and mind, soothing sore and overworked muscles while giving the body’s energy reserves a huge boost. The herbs in the herbal ball possess […]

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Deha-dhara (Pizhichil)

(also known as pizhichil) (nervous system treatment) In this heavenly treatment, two therapists, working in in synchronicity, pour a shower of warm herbal oil or milk (depending on your constitution and needs) over your body while you are cocooned in warm towels. They follow the oil ‘shower’ with a full-body marma point massage in which […]

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