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Detox Paste Massage “Udvartana”

Remedial Massage West End, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Detox Paste Massage “Udvartana” at West End, Brisbane & Gold Coast

(Detox and Weight Loss Treatment)

Herbal Paste Detox Massage (Udvertana)

Herbal Paste Detox Massage “Udvartana” is a special ayurvedic body therapy that involves two therapists massaging a person’s body using a unique herbal paste. The herbal paste consists of herbal powders and oils designed to provide maximum therapeutic benefit for your body type and health condition/s.

The treatment is performed on a traditional wooden table made from the neem tree, which enhances the healing and detoxifying effect of the treatment.

Udvartana paste uses sesame oil, which is hot in potency, infused with herbs to create lightness, dryness, and roughness. The friction of the paste on the skin during the massage opens the pores, removes blockages in the blood vessels, increases the heat in the tissues, and stimulates fat metabolism. The oil base of the paste also protects the skin from becoming superficially dry so it remains soft and supple after the treatment.

If used as a beautification treatment, the therapists will mix a special set of herbs and powders to maximise rejuvenation of the skin.

After the paste massage, the therapists bathe your body with a therapeutic herbal liquid. You are then invited to sit in a herbal steam chamber where the body heats up, sweats out toxins and stimulates metabolic processes that have a ‘cutting’ or liquefying action on fat tissue.

Udvartana reduces both vata and kapha. After the treatment, you can expect to feel rejuvenated and revitalised, de-stressed and relaxed, yet also invigorated.

When Udvartana forms part of a prescribed treatment program that includes an ayurvedic diet and a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, yoga and appropriate internal ayurvedic herbal medication, it helps to reduce weight and promote a well-toned body.


  • Reduced cellulite/ subcutaneous fat tissue
  • Reduced body stiffness
  • Reduced body odour
  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Clean and revitalised skin
  • Beautiful skin complexion
  • Better skin tone—even if you are losing weight with exercise and diet
  • Improved energy


90 Minutes: $240 (Includes 60 minutes treatments with two therapists+ herbal bath and ayurvedic steam sauna)

110 minutes: $220 (Includes 90 minutes treatments with one therapist and ayurvedic steam sauna)

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