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Testimonials – Gold Coast Centre

Early this year I presented in Emergency hospital with great pain in my side. I was hospitalised for a week. Doctors were very puzzled with my condition and said they have not seen anything like it before. The beginning of my large intestine was in the middle of my pelvis rather then on right side and after a few days my abdomen became very swollen. Doctors wanted to perform abdominal surgery ( which could be quite involved) to find out was happening. I didn’t want to have surgery and resisted it. In desperation I called Dr Pradeep, whom I have not met before. He was reassuring and very accomodating and I felt I could trust him. I didn’t go ahead with the operation and I was released from hospital. I started on Ayurvedic treatment at the clinic in Burleigh Heads. My condition was not very good. My digestive system was inflamed and I felt very week. Soon I started to slowly improve, my digestive system started to getting better and I felt stronger and more optimistic. After a few months of treatment I decided to have a colonoscopy just to make sure. Results were perfect! My colon is now very healthy and in correct anatomical position. I am very greatfull for all the genuine care I have received from doctor Pradeep and his staff and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Helena/ Elanora

Our Panchakarma was a wonderful gift to ourselves. We both feel much healthier then when we started ! We’d recommend the treatment to anyone

Annie & Lan Mayo

I can highly recommend this full detox. This was my second one and I feel totally rejuvenated in mind & body. Ram and Noriko are wonderfull, supportive and encouraging through this journey. I feel so much more energetic & ready to embrace life & all its challenges. I only wish I had discovered Ayurveda many many years ago. I would recommend this treatment to anyone ! Enjoy .

Diana Guillemin

Dr Ram has changed my life. Three weeks detox along with regular massages & treatments and I feel like a new person. I had serious gut health issues and they have now been healed. Thank you to Dr. Ram, Noriko & Jobin for all your help.

Belinda Samson

My treatment with vibrant ayurveda was extremely smooth, enjoyable and professional. Dr. Ram gives attention to all needs and the technicians are very caring. Very beautiful, authentic treatment. Thank you


Thank you so much Dr. Ram and all the therapists @ Vibrant Ayurveda. This detox has been so gentle, loving, nourishing and beautiful and I feel so taken care of. Thank you for comprising my health villange and ispiring me back to balance in the magic of Ayurveda. So grateful

Tara Bliss

Thank you so so much Dr. Ram and staff. You have all been so beautiful to visit during my 14 days (turned 23 days) Panchakarma Detox. The massages, shirodhara and even the Vasti were so enjoyable. I have loved every treatment with all of you, I walked out of here feeling very blessed (and relaxed) 23 days later and I look forward to my new vision of health + balance with Vibrant Ayurveda involved. thank you

Lauren Lesser

Great experience, loved it ! amazing massage & shirodhara treatments. much calmer & balanced after 2 week detox.


Thank you to all the beautiful people here at the clinic. I’ve had the most blissful experience. my health is the best its been in 10 years. I’m totally looking forward to my journey with you all well into the future. I highly recommend the Ayurvedic principles along with Dr. Ram and his patient manner in prescribing the principles to the masses. Amazing Love & light to you all


Than you for an incredible experience and journey. I have learned so much about my health and happiness. Thank you thank you . I hope more people become aware of your beautiful practice.


This was my first experience of Panchakarma. There were some challenging aspects, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my body responded & began to heal. I feel so good in my body and I look sparkly & new ! I m so grateful to Dr. Ram & the practitioners that supported me on my detox journey. I know that these practices will become a part of my everyday life as my healing continues. I am excited to now live in a vibrant body. With Love

Jasmin Wickham

For the first time in my 61yrs in my body I chose to cleanse the build up and give respect to my body. The program was easy, comforting in its routine, supported by great skilled therapists each with their own gift, followed by awesome steam baths and my job was to rest, release and take responsibility for what I ate. The diet was easy and helpful. I am so glad for my choice and intend to detox at least once a year for the rest of my life. I am more than happy and comfortable in returning here for the caring and professional support which is necessary Many thanks with gratitude for your contribution to my health


Thank you Dr. Ram, Noriko, Flavia. I have attended ayurveda courses before. This was my first long course. I really enjoyed this Panchakarma. It wasn’t too different to get its routine. I look forward to every session here at the clinic. Every treatment brought me relief & closer to harmony. All the staff are so caring & I felt so supported through my process. I feel so much better within myself, calmer, Happier, Stronger, mentally, Physically, emotionally, spiritually and my long term pain is reducing. So now to keep living this way & continue my healing feels easier & attainable with your guidance. Every body is telling me how good I look. Thank you so very much. Love

Wendy Athene

To the amazing staff at Burleigh Ayurvedic Clinic. I travelled to Kerala last year to experience this treatment & thought I would have to go back to India to experience again. However I was recommended to go to Burleigh by my Yoga teacher and have thoroughly enjoyed the detox treatment. I have felt respected and nurtured throughout especially by Dr. Ram & Noriko. I feel lighter in my self, more positive, more calm. It has chanted my view on food my need for certain foods. I feel fresh after eating – not bloated and tired. Thank you from the bottom of my digestion tract to the top of my head. I’ll be back again


I am proud to say that I have completed 22 days of detox here at the clinic. It has been a very different experience for me. Dr Ram and the staff have treated me with respect and the atmosphere is always friendly and gentle. I feel very enriched and a sense of healing by the wisdom and gentle touch in this clinic. I will be back and will recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you

Denise Finch

Thank you so much to the Vibrant Ayurveda Team. I came with lots of tension in my body and depression and after the treatment, I feel so much better, lighter and happier. The massages were amazing and very relaxing and the enemas make me feel so clean. I just can recommend the Panchakarma program with all my heart. Also the whole team is just beautiful and lovely. Thank you very much for your help


The detox proram was fantastic and I have already recommended it to many friends. The food was delicious, the treatments relaxing and nurturing and the care from the staff was authentic and very heart centered. I am keen to learn more and have definitely changec my eating habit for life. Warming foods suit me. Thank you so much

Robyn Janetzki

I am liz, 66 and did the 2 weeks Panchakarma for the first time. I had small knowledge about doshas and ayurvedic food. The detox went very well. Thanks to Dr. Ram. As for the result- my bone and joint pain are gone my circulation is much better my mood is much better, my body feels warmer inside. Kindest Regards, Liz


Hello, I have just finished 3 weeks of Panchakarma at the clinic. After the treatments, I feel so much better, calmer, lighter and more flexible. The staff at the clinic have been excellent. Everyone has been very caring very professional and very friendly. They have made me feel like at home. I would thoroughly recommend the clinic to anyone with an interest in improving their health in a natural, easy way. I want to return regularly for another Panchakarma.


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