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Wellness Packages

1.      Stress relief package

Our total stress relief package combines abhyanga (ayurvedic massage) and shirodhara (the continuous pouring of medicated oil on the forehead) in a two hours treatment that will leave you feeling completely relaxed and revitalised.

The whole-body massage with herbal medicated oil removes toxins, improves circulation and increases healing hormones (endorphins). Shirodhara deeply relaxes you on both a mental and physical level, and increases feel-good hormones such as seratonin and melatonin.

The stress relief package is suitable for treating many types of physical and mental ailments from aches and pains in the body to mental stress, nervous tension and anxiety.

Cost for 2 hours stress relief  package

(Massage + Sirodhara 2 hours)

1 treatment        $220
5 treatments     $1000 (save $100; valid 3 months)
10 treatments  $1950 (save $250; valid 6 months)

Cost for 1.5 hours stress relief  package

(Massage + Sirodhara 1.5 hours)

1 treatment $180
5 treatments $850 (save $50; valid 3 months)
10 treatments  $1650 (save $150; valid 6 months)


2.      Tune-up package

For a ‘tune-up’, try one of our therapeutic massage packages designed to support your wellness, and leave you feeling lighter and fresher in just few months.

60-minute therapeutic massage
5 pack/ 60-minutes Therapeutic Massage $500 (save $50; valid 3 months)
10 pack/60 minutes Therapeutic Massage $950 (Save $150, Valid 6months)
60 Minutes Therapeutic Massage single session $110

90-minute therapeutic massage
5 Pack/ 90 Minutes Therapeutic Massage $700 (save $50; valid 3 months)
10 Pack/ 90 Minutes Therapeutic Massage $1350 (Save $150, Valid 6months)
90 Minutes Therapeutic massage single session $150

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