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A Guide to Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medications

ayurvedic weight loss retreat

What is Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medications? Ayurvedic weight loss medications are a natural way to help people lose weight. They work in a variety of ways, including boosting the metabolism, reducing hunger and suppressing appetite. In this article, we will explore what Ayurvedic weight loss medications are, how they work and some of the most […]

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PICCU Piccu is designed to specifically treat localised stiff and painful areas of the body, relieving pain ranging from mild to intense. Hot medicated oil is applied to the affected area with the help of thick cotton followed by a therapeutic massage. Some of the benefits of Piccu are that it is particularly soothing for […]

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Kati Basti

Ayurvedic Massage & Treatment Kati Basti This is an intensely soothing massage treatment in which warmed, herbal oil is applied to the lower back area using a dam (container) made from dough. Kati Basti is highly effective in relieving lower back pain and complaints affecting the abdomen, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), endometriosis, menstrual and […]

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Nasya   Nasya involves massaging the muscles in the neck, shoulder and face followed by inhalation of herbal medicine via the nasal tract. This mobilises mucous located in the head and neck area. Nasya will heal illnesses of the throat, neck and head including sinus congestion, common cold, chronic sinusitis, allergies, allergic rhinitis, migraines and […]

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Ayurvedic Treatment in Australia Sirodhara This would have to be the most deeply relaxing treatment you could ever experience. Sirodhara is a modern purification and rejuvenation therapy based on an ancient Indian technique. A stream of warm medicated oil is poured very slowly onto the centre of the forehead (the location of the “third eye”) […]

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Kalari Massage

Ayurvedic Massage in Australia Kalari Massage This is a special South Indian martial arts’massage done by our highly experienced and qualified massage therapist from Kerala. It is done with the combined techniques of deep tissue massage, acupressure, stretching and Pindasweda (herbal bag massage). The benefits are incredible as it will release tension and tightness from […]

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